Timing Equipment

EQ Timing is a distributor of timing equipment from leading suppliers such as ChronoTrack, Emit and MicroGate.

American ChronoTrack is the market leader for equipment and Tags for RFID timing (passive Tags). This technology is unsurpassed for mass events. The tags are delivered already mounted on the start numbers. It means one only thing to handle to the participants, and nothing to collect afterwards. ChronoTrack technology is used by most of the major marathon races in the United States, such as the New York City Marathon, the Chicago Marathon, etc. EQ Timing uses this technology for events like Skarverennet, Karlstads Stadslopp, Finlandia Hiihto, Knarvikmila, Oslo Bratteste and a number of other important events.

EQ Timing is an importer and distributor of ChronoTrack in the Nordic region. More than 250 systems are delivered to clubs and organizers who handle timing themselves using ChronoTrack equipment and chips along with our unique cloud based software. We have equipment for both sale and rental.

Emit is a leading provider of active chip systems for cross-country skiing, skiing, orienteering and cycling. EQ Timing sells and leases emiTag equipment and chips in the Nordic countries and Italy. Our pool of rental equipment and chips is sufficient for multiple events at the same time.

EmiTag is high-precision timing equipment that delivers results down to hundreds of a second of accuracy being therefore very suitable for cross-country skiing, skiing and cycling on a high level. The chips have a long life, with batteries lasting for at least five years.

Emit is also one of the largest owners of EQ Timing.

The Italian MicroGate delivers advanced timing equipment providing highly accurated chronometers , photo cells, start gates, Photofinish equipment (FinishLynx), LED displays, False start systems and so on.

EQ Timing is a distributor of MicroGate equipment in Norway.

Combined with Emit and ChronoTrack chip technology and our own unique software, this makes EQ Timing the most complete provider of timing systems.